Super gran

To the lady who makes the best roast

The lady who been to Hunstanton by the coast

The super granny who likes a good tea

The amazing granny…

Poem I wrote about Depression incase anyone suffering at moment. Little motivation on Saturday with these times were in. ENJOY 💙

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes

Depression comes with all kind of surprises

You can be happy but seem sad

Your face could smile but doesn’t mean your…

I have been so lost in my ways, lost in the ways that my soul has disappeared from itself. My soul has gone and I need a new one. I have tried and tried to make peace with family but they do not understand. They think there doing right by…

Friends 40th

Now your turning 40th what does this mean

Well I can tell you it’s the new 20 Hayley Mostowyj

Now sit back and have a gin

It’s your…

1 amazing morning Tic tac woke up with the fantastic smell of a chicken dinner on the table. Tic Tac was so anxious to go out incase Timmy was out there or not.

Timmy was sat on his cat bed and was so relaxed until he sensed Tic Tac coming out of his hole. So Tic Tac had to organise a plan to try get some of that amazing chicken dinner.

He decided to wait till Timmy was distracted when aunty betty (Timmy…

2018 I was Repping in Turkey

I rang grandad up to see how you all were

Grandad said nows not good time Jamie

Your nans not well and ambulance is here

I worried sick for rest of my days out there

I took all my emotions out and drank loads…

greatest part of life is time, I find being with time you have life and without life you have no time. life greatest creation is time. We as human use all our time to either loving, drinking, eating, arguing, toileting and even breathing. We as human nature when someone says…

There once was a mouse called Timmy who loved cheese, blue cheese red cheese stringy cheese. Timmy was a wild mouse he would love to go to a cheese factory where they make cheese but he was to scared of big bad cat call Tic Tac. …

Today my family member sets of to work

there a key worker and the protectors of the earth

There putting themselves at risk before themselves

There my role model know body else

I get sad and upset they have to go

There the actual true heroes

The corona virus is…

Zara and the Adventure of postman

Once upon a time there a dog called Zara, Zara used to love the postman whenever he posted the letters at the door.

Zara knew what time postman would be arriving every day but Zara human mummy tracey had to tell Zara to be…

Jay Compton

Poem writer, book writer trying to get my name out there to become a full time writer and make a living, support my family in long run

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